Google reticent on ‘Super Safe’ Robot Car Crash

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Driving along in Mountain View, Calif, a perceptive observer was on his way towards his destination when he came across a multiple car fender-bender. According to reports released by the press, a Toyota Prius had hit a Prius, and the same Prius hit an Accord, which hit an Accord, which hit a Prius.
Being keen with was he just saw, he immediately recognized one of the cars and took a picture using his cellular phone. After such, he sent the picture to Jalopnik, a blog of automobiles where he was anonymous in his post.
Google’s self-driving automobile was the first Prius released. Hence, the picture was somewhat like a piece of history; the first public accident on the road of an autonomous, unmanned robot car. Google later said that the car was not unmanned during the accident, and that one of their employees was driving it, and said nothing more.
Sebastian Thrun, a computer science professor at Stanford University and the main developer of the car, regarded the system on the car as “the perfect driving mechanism”. Being controlled by GPS and a complicated system of laser and imaging systems, Google claims that the auto does away with human error and presented the car as super safe.
Google added that the car had been tested for hundreds of thousands of miles without any recorded incident. It was travelled along San Francisco Bay Area down to Highway 1 and then to Los Angeles. The total distance covered by the test travel was about 300 miles.
A Google engineer proved the claim of the company by citing his daily commute from Berkeley to Mountain View which is about 50 miles.
Because of nice features of the car, Google was able to push through and register their car as legal. The law regulates the Nevada Department of Transportation to create rules in the use of the car. It has also asked the permission of the Department to designate areas wherein the car can be tested.
To bring light for the truth about the issue, Google spokesperson Jay Nancarrow said that there is some point in time to better discuss the details.

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